We are here to help adults quit smoking. We are fully responsible for the industry and are doing everything we can to keep nicotine products out of the hand of underage children. On this page, you’ll find more information about the ght against underage vaping and how you can do your part to help.

Consumer Info

The vaping industry is currently being looked at closely by the FDA who is determining how to best regulate the industry. One major concern the FDA has is the possibility of vaping products getting into the hands of minors. This is a concern that we also share and for that reason we’ve taken and continue to take steps to ensure our products are only being marketed and sold to our intended audience: adults of smoking legal age.

Retailer Info

We want to help our retail partners stay updated on the latest regulations and make it easy to stay compliant by ofering information and free resources. Read below for the essential information you need to know and visit our shop to order free anti-minor print materials.

Regulations to Follow

  • • Check photo ID of everyone under the age of 27 who attempts to purchase vapor products.
  • • Only sell products to customers of legal smoking age (18+ or 21+, depending on state local laws).
  • • Do NOT give away free samples including components and/or parts.
  • • Do NOT sell e-cigarettes in a vending machine unless in an adult-only facility.

Photo ID Requirements

  • • Check photo ID of everyone appearing under the age of 27 who attempts to purchase FDA regulated products and verify the customer is of legal age to purchase.

Undercover Inspections

  • • During Undercover Buy Inspections, the retailer is unaware an inspection is taking place. The minor and inspector will not identify themselves.
  • • Nearly 1 million inspections:
  • • Over 10,000 a month
  • • Over 300 a day

Compliance Check Inspections

FDA closely monitors retailer, manufacturer, importer, and distributor compliance with federal tobacco laws and regulations and takes corrective action when violations occur. The Tobacco Control Act provides that the amount of a Civil Money Penalty for violations of the regulations shall not exceed certain amounts, depending on the number of previous violations, the time period in which the violations occurred.

2ND IN 12 MONTHS $279
3RD IN 24 MONTHS $559
4TH IN 24 MONTHS $2,236
5TH IN 36 MONTHS $5,591
6TH OR MORE $11,182

Note: This is subject to change and may vary by location.